Glasshouse collection of sweet potato germplasm

At Roodeplaat, the ARC also maintains the only disease-indexed collection (genebank) of sweet potato in South Africa. The collection contains virtually all commercially grown cultivars, new improved varieties for African consumers and β-carotene rich varieties used in the crop-based approach to address vitamin A deficiency.  Due to yield loss by virus infection and other diseases, a disease-indexing scheme is currently operational at Roodeplaat in order to supply healthy planting material to the sweet potato industry.


SweetPotato2.jpgSweetPotato3.jpgSweetPotato4.jpg SweetPotato5.jpg

Sweet potato germplasm exhibits large variation in morphological traits as depicted by the fresh root and leaf morphology of cultivars Ndou and Impilo

More about the sweet potato disease-indexing scheme

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