The Crop Protection Division of the Agricultural Research Council Roodeplaat Vegetable and Ornamental Plants (ARC-VOP, Roodeplaat) has implemented a national assets project, to ensure maintenance and genetic characterisation of national assets, including insects, fungi, bacteria and viruses.  The aim of the project is to maintain records of all microbiological and insect collections, and to genetically characterise the organisms.  The genebank consists of one susceptible potato tuber moth colony, which has been reared without exposure to any chemicals in the past twenty years.  It is the only ‘susceptible’ potato tuber moth (PTM) colony in South Africa.  The PTM is of tremendous value to the potato industry since it can be used to determine the efficacy of registered chemicals for the control of potato tuber moth.   The most important mycology accessions are 32 Alternaria species associated with (Alternaria Blight of sweet potato), 10 Alternaria alternata associated with onion, and 51 Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. associated with Fusarium wilt of sweet potato.  The most important bacterial accessions are 360 Streptomyces species associated with common scab and fissure scab of potato.  Virus infected plants are maintained as in vivo infected plants in the glasshouse.

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