A comprehensive genepool of indigenous flower bulb species is conserved by ARC-VOP. This collection focuses on genera with potential for commercial exploitation, like Lachenalia, Ornithogalum, Cyrtanthus, Babiana and other genera.  The Lachenalia collection is the most complete collection in the world.  Accessions of the same species, collected at different localities, are conserved separately in order to retain genetic variation within the species and genus. Thus collection is characterized not only phenotypically but also on information regarding cytogenetics, fertility, ease of propagation susceptibility to virus and other pathogens etc. Our local Lachenalia breeding programme extensively exploits this collection.

Lachenalia aloides
Lachenalia bulbifera
Lachenalia carnosa
Lachenalia comptonii

Some of the various flower bulb genera forming part of the ARC-Roodeplaat indigenous flower bulb collection

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