Potato Leafminer

The potato leafminer was introduced into South Africa in 2000. Initially severe yield losses of up to 70% were experienced by potato farmers in the Sandveld region. After the registration of a few insecticides, the problem subsided during the following years. However, during some seasons the problem seems to become serious again; insecticides apparently are not always able to control the leafminer satisfactory. The potato leafminer attacks nearly all vegetables, but on potato it is particularly severe. (Read more...)

Tuta Absoluta​

The tomato leafminer, Tuta absoluta, originally from South America, was reported for the first time from South Africa in August 2016. Tuta absoluta is mainly a pest of tomato. Other crops that act as secondary hosts include potato, eggplant, Capsicum peppers, and Cape gooseberry. The risk that Tuta absoluta poses to these secondary host are currently uncertain. In South Africa, Tuta absoluta is better known under its scientific name than under its common name.  ​(Read more...)

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