Ms Juliette Kilian, Librarian

Tel: +27 58 307 3492   ~   Fax: +27 58 307 3519


This library is one of eleven libraries in the ARC and one of three libraries in the Field Crops Division. It specialises in information on small grains, such as wheat, barley, oats, triticale, durum and rye, but is not limited to only these topics.

​The library came into being during the early 1970's with the main function of supporting researchers and research activities of the Institute. Initially it consisted of primarily in-house reports but was were gradually extended with the procurement of books. Currently, the library stock consists of various kinds of material, of which books, theses and dissertations, journals and ARC-SGI project reports are considered as the most important.​The library is divided into several sections, namely a reading area, an area with extra computers, a meeting area for small groups, a museum area and then shelves with the books and journals. The library is small, but quite specialised and we strive to maintain a very good collection of small grain information.  The ARC subscribes to a number of electronic resources, which are available through the ARC-Library link on the Staff Intranet.
​The oldest book in the library, "Elements of agriculture: a textbook" was published in 1897. It concentrated on aspects regarding soil, plants and animals. ​One of our most precious books is "Facing starvation", which was written by Lennard Bickel on the work that was done by Norman Borlaug, a Nobel Prize laureate. Among others, Norman Borlaug personally wrote a message to SGI in the book during his visit in 1979.​The first report of the Bethlehem Agricultural Station was published in 1953, reporting on the activities, the weather as well as all the research that was done since the establishment in 1947.

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