Contact: Mirinda van Kleef (Ph.D)

VaccinesCellularImmuno-TN.pngThis unit aims to identify vaccine candidates which have the potential to protect animals against intracellular pathogens. To rationally develop new vaccines, it is important to characterise the immune responses induced by the pathogenic organism and to identify the antigens and epitopes that induce those responses for use in a recombinant vaccine. Thereafter it must be ascertained whether they protect. Currently research is largely focused on heartwater and African horse sickness virus. The heartwater recombinant plasmid DNA vaccines are tested by delivering them to ruminants using a gene gun followed by a laboratory tick challenge. Molecular biology methods used in this laboratory include bacterial protein expression and the development of mammalian plasmid DNA vaccines, while cellular immune assays include lymphocyte proliferation tests, ELIspot assays, cytokine mRNA real time PCR assays, functional assays for cytotoxic lymphocytes, flow cytometry as well as immune transcriptome analyses. We also investigate alternative micro and nanoparticle vaccine delivery systems. We offer flow cytometry analyses, the irradiation of biological samples with Cs137 and heartwater real time PCR diagnostic services. 

Meet our staff

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Dr Mirinda van Kleef
Specialist Researcher
Tel: +27(0)12 529 9385


Dr Alri Pretorius
Senior Researcher
Tel: +27(0)12 529 9214


Dr Junita Liebenberg
Senior Researcher
Tel: +27(0)12 529 9229

Nontobeko Thema.png
Ms Nontobeko Thema

Tel: +27(0)12 529 9388
Dr Tshifhiwa Nefefe.png

Dr Tshifhiwa Nefefe
Post Doc

Tel: +27(0)12 529 9111

Ms Erika Faber


Tel: +27(0)12 529 9425
Email: ​


Dr Helena Steyn
Chief Technician
Tel: +27(0)12 529 9205

Key publications

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