Head of laboratory: Dr Tiny Hlokwe

The Tuberculosis laboratory is a SANAS accredited (ISO 17025) laboratory within the Diagnostic Services Programme at the ARC-Onderstepoort Veterinary Research. It is mandated by the South African Department of Agriculture, fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) to diagnose Mycobacteriosis in animals including bovine tuberculosis and Johne's disease (paratuberculosis) using serological, culture and molecular based tests. 

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Meet our staff

Name and surname Business Tel Nr E-mail address Type of work
Dr Tiny Hlokwe+27 (0)12 5299 452HlokweT@arc.agric.zaHead of laboratory and Technical Signatory
Dr Nomakorinte Gcebe+27 (0)12 5299 138GcebeN@arc.agric.zaResearcher and Technical Signatory
Mr Dominic Wagner+27 (0)12 5299 452WagnerD@arc.agric.zaResearch Technician
Ms Marcia Mogano+27 (0)12 5299 476MoganoR@arc.agric.zaResearch Technician
Mr Boitumelo Letsoko+27 (0)12 5299 476LetsokoB@arc.agric.zaResearch Technician
Mr Petrus Manamela+27 (0)12 5299 324ManamelaP@arc.agric.zaResearch Assistant

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