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To respond to energy challenges in agriculture, design low-cost and affordable renewable energy technologies for improved, efficient and sustainable production systems.


1. Solar Thermal Energy

  • Solar/air drying

  • System modelling

2. Wind Energy

  • Windmill pumps and dual energy engine driven pumps

3. Bio-Energy

  • Bio-diesel production and analyses

  • 2nd Generation – lignocellulose to bio-ethanol and butanol

  • Thermal conversion (Pyrolysis, Gasification, & Combustion)

4. Waste-to-Energy

  • Biogas energy

  • Biodigestate as green fertilizer

  • High-Value products from anaerobic digestion (VFAs, fibres, H2 & Bedding for livestock)

5. Solar PV

  • Focus on PV systems and feasibility studies for farm buildings

6. Micro Hydropower

  • Harnessing the energy of flowing water and putting that energy to mechanical or electrical use

7. Energy Efficiency

  • Agricultural systems

8. Sample Testing

  • Price list of the renewable energy laboratory (Download pdf)

  • Sample submission form that must accompany all samples sent for testing in the renewable energy laboratory (Download pdf)

(See publication list for publications on renewable energy technologies)

lemon bush.jpg
Wild Liipia javanica (Lemon Bush)  

Essential oils business is a niche farming business. In an effort to reduce barriers for emerging farmers, the ARC-Agricultural Engineering Campus has upgraded its laboratory to include essential oil quality analysis services. (Read more...)

Solar Dryer.jpg
Solar Dryer

Cross-flow hydro power turbine



For starting and existing ventures in biogas, the Agricultural Engineering division of the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) offers services within its technical and commercial areas of expertise for biogas generation and maximization at the client’s facility. Read more ....

methane potential testing system-small.jpgMethane potential testing system

Unheated biogas system
Turbine & generator







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