•  The Scheme is run by an independent, impartial organisation, namely the ARC. This gives local and international credibility to the data. Concerning the latter, this is especially important for the export market.
  • The ARC-Animal Production Institute is a member of ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording). Therefore, all data recording, processing and breeding value estimations conform to international rules and standards.

Beef Cattle Improvement Scheme
Animal Recording and Improvement
  • The collection and processing of all performance test data falls under the same rules and procedures, therefore they are comparable amongst all breeds - an advantage to prospective buyers and the industry in general.


  • The Scheme is supported by a large team of researchers and technicians who conduct ongoing research and development to ensure that the Scheme stay in line with international developments and the requirements of the local industry.


  • An "ARC-Performance Tested" trademark has been registered and made available to all Scheme members for use in advertisements, auction catalogues, etc., making it easier for buyers to identify herds and animals, which have been ARC-Performance Tested.


  • The ARC-Animal Production Institute annually makes awards to excellent performing herds and animals.