Slaughter and Carcass Evaluation forms part of the Meat Science team. We focus our research on the part of the value chain where muscle is converted to meat (rigor mortis).  Our Meat Industry Centre is equipped with a D15 experimental abattoir with deboning and processing facilities that facilitates specialised research techniques or procedures that could otherwise not be performed in normal commercial abattoirs and provides a controlled environment for researchers to standardise procedures.  We slaughter and debone cattle, sheep and pigs and can facilitate any project where slaughter, deboning and sampling of the carcass is involved.

Our projects focus on integrated pathways where pre-slaughter, slaughter and post-slaughter practices are studied and manipulated to increase yield and quality of beef, sheep meat and pork.  These practices include animal nutrition, genetics, growth enhancement (growth promoters), carcass chilling and electrical stimulation, muscle profiling, packaging, post-mortem aging.  We work closely with other sections such as biochemistry, meat technology and sensory analyses.

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