Working with us


The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) is a premier science institution that conducts research with partners, develops human capital and fosters innovation to support and develop the agricultural sector. Every day, we refine, explore, research, invent and explore how to make work enjoyable for a better South Africa. 

Our Core Values


Its core mandate as defined in the Act is to act as the principal agricultural research institution in South Africa so as to conduct research, drive research and development, drive technology development and the transfer (dissemination) of information in order to:

  • Promote agriculture and related industries;

  • Contribute to a better quality of life;

  • Facilitate/ensure natural resource conservation; and 

  • Alleviate poverty

Our people make it possible


Our people are our greatest asset.  It is the pe​ople at the ARC who bring our vision and values to life.

What we look for


We are always searching for great minds and res​earchers and love to chat to new people, exceptional and passionate talent, innovative and solutions-oriented thinkers.



In addition to offering a competitive salary, we have designed our benefits programs with a people-first approach. We want our team members to be fairly compensated, have access to high-quality health & wellness options, and feel supported so they can perform at their best.


Vision and Values


"Excellence in research and innovation for sustainable agricultural systems
and economic development"

So much of our success depends on feeling part of a team with people around us that we can rely on.  What united us is our values, we believe they set the tone, help create our culture, give us one common set of principles and help us have a great experience at work.

Team ARC


  • You will ​be challenged; 

  • You will be encouraged to excel;

  • You will be given the opportunity to build a rewarding career and in turn you will feel proud to be part of the team; and

  • You w​ill b​e part of a strong research council shaping the future of the agricultural sector.

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