​The Research and Innovation Systems (RIS) Division provides a wide range of technologies that are integrated with both the Crop Sciences and Animal Sciences divisions. ​With a wide range of service, development and research functions, the RIS Division provides collaborative and support functions to a wide range of technologies in areas such as genomics, phenomics, remote sensing, agricultural systems modelling and engineering systems.


ARC-NRE provides advanced research and innovation that are applicable across the ARC to the full range of crops and animal systems.

The mandate of ARC-AE, located in Pretoria, is to develop appropriate agricultural engineering technologies for both small- and large-scale agricultural producers. The Institute complies with its goal and purposes through partnership with provinces and joint ventures with the private sector. The Campus participates in the development and support of farmers country-wide by means of various research projects, service delivery and training of required skills in the following agricultural engineering fields, namely:

The ARC-SCW, located in Pretoria, has a national mandate to carry out research and development on the natural agricultural resources, viz, soil, climate and water. It promotes the sustainable utilisation and management of the agricultural natural resources by:

  • knowledge generation on the agricultural natural resources continuum and individual agro-ecosystem

  • innovative technology development​​

  • research application and technology transfer and

  • scientific services


The role of the ARC-BTP is to create the high-throughput resources and technologies required for applications in genomics, quantitative genetics, marker assisted breeding and bioinformatics within the agricultural sector. The focus of the ARC-BTP is to establish itself as both a research and service driven institution, providing an environment in which highly skilled researchers can be hosted and trained. The technologies established within the platform are accessible as services to the ARC, collaborators, companies, science councils and researchers across the continent.