The Impact and Partnership Division focuses on the translation of research outputs, to generate knowledge, facilitate decision-making and contribute to transformation in the agriculture sector.

Dedicated units of the Division include:

  • The Agricultural Economics unit conducts research to establish the impact of ARC programmes (return on investment) and integrates socio-economic analysis into ARC projects. It deals with market​ intelligence; impact assessment; business plans; policy and baseline studies.

  • ​The Agrimetrics unit deals with deriving value from farm and research data. Agrimetrics describes e​​xpertise that amalgamates agricultural and biological data analysis in generating information that shapes decision-making. The unit facilitates the use of a farm assessment application online, with ARC scientists. Biometricians focus on statistical analysis of biological research, serving as quality audit of scientific information disseminated. Services include planning, analysis and interpretation of results. ​

  • Intellectual Property Management and Commercialisation ensures that research and development outputs are identified, protected and commercialised. ​

  • International Relations pursues partnerships to enhance our international credibility by promoting ARC capabilities with global role-players, through strategic partnerships and engagements.​

  • Marketing and Communications develops and implements strategies to raise the organisation's profile and visibility, and improve internal communications in order to foster a strong and positive ARC brand.
  • Smallholder Agricultural Development (SHAD)​ entails extension support: farmer training and support to facilitate smallholder farmer access to ARC information thereby contributing to sector productivity and transformation; diagnostic and analytical services; targeted development initiatives; and farming systems research.​

  • Training and Extension provides training and information services to farmers and support services, facilitating access to the ARC's technical information to contribute to sector productivity, especially from smallholder farmers.

The division operates from ARC-Central Office in Pretoria, but works strategically across the organis​ation, with all campuses spread across the country.