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07 - 10 NOVEMBER 2022
Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) analysis

Course will run from 09h00 - 16h00 everyday

Dr. Rian Pierneef (Coordinator) (Senior Researcher: BTP-Core; Bioinformatics)

Module content:

Day ​Content​SoftwareFacilitator

​​Background; Introduction to Linux/GitHub, Conda and KBase.

Linux, KBase

Rian Pierneef


Sequence QC, de novo assembly.


Rian Pierneef


Species identification and other traits of interest.


Rian Pierneef

​​4​~ Case study presentation
    (20-30 Minutes)

~ ​Individual analysis

​Trainees can bring their own data to analyse. Dummy data will also be provided.​Adeola Rotimi

NOTE:   Cost also includes access to computer during training & Tea/coffee and a light lunch but excludes transport and accommodation.

Proof of payment or commitment to pay (i.e., Purchase Order) must be provided before date of training.

For enquiries on the programme, registration and payment details, 
email Dr Adeola Rotimi at RotimiA@arc.agric.za

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