​AGRICULTURAL INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING (animal housing, climate controlled structures and handling facilities);

MECHANISATION AND PRECISION AGRICULTURE (Mechanised Cassava Plantation Development)

IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE ENGINEERING (irrigation equipment and silt fences to combat erosion);


RENEWABLE ENERGY (Biogas, wind/hydro power and solar systems) 

AGRO-PROCESSING (e.g. Peanut butter manufacturing)



VACCINES AND DIAGNOSTICS DEVELOPMENT [Diagnostics Development, Vaccines, Pathogen Characterisation & BSL 3 Laboratory]


PUBLIC HEALTH AND ZOONOSES [Diagnosis of zoonotic diseases, Analytical services & Toxicology and Ethnoveterinary Medicine (TEVM)]

VACCINE PRODUCTION [Foot and mouth Vaccines & Tick-borne disease live blood vaccines]

EPIDEMIOLOGY, PARASITES AND VECTORS (EPV) [Diagnostics:  Parasitic Diseases, Ecology and control of insect vectors, Epidemiology, vaccines and diagnostics dev​​elopment​, Parasitic Helminths & Ticks: Biology, Taxonomy and Ecology]



ANIMAL RECORDING AND IMPROVEMENT (Integrated Registration and Genetic Information System [INTERGIS], Fee structure of the Registration Services on the Intergis, Fee structure of the National Beef Recording and Improvement Scheme and Fee structure of the National Milk Recording and Improvement Scheme
Animal Breeding/BLUP; Beef, Dairy and Game Production Systems; Small Stock Production Systems; Pig and Poultry Production Systems; Germplasm Conservation and reproductive biotechnologiesAnimal Genetics)

FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (Slaughtering and carcass evaluation, Meat and dairy technology, Intensive meat and milk production, Product safety and quality, Food composition, Sensory analysis, Gastrointestinal technology)

RANGELANDS MANAGEMENT, FORAGE AND ECOLOGY (Ecology of Biomes: Arid lands ecology and management. Grassland/Eastern high potential areas & Savannah ecosystem dynamics; Climate change and Ecosystem services e.g. Integrated Vegetation Databases and Plant Voucher Specimen CollectionRangeland managementFarming SystemsForage Technology.

ANIMAL NUTRITION (Monogastric [Aquaculture] and Ruminant nutrition)

PUBLICATIONS (National Beef Scheme NewslettersProduct Catalogue)

TRAINING SERVICES - Training Courses

SOUTH AFRICA DECIDUOUS FRUIT CULTIVARS (Stone Fruit Database & Pome Fruit Database)

CULTIVAR DEVELOPMENT (Breeding and genetics, Evaluation, Biotechnology, Plant pathogen diagnostic services, DNA Fingerprinting, Micropropagation)


POST HARVEST AND WINE TECHNOLOGY (Agro-Processing: Fruit; Agro-Processing: Plant Bio-Actives Group; Post-harvest Technology: Fresh Produce; Wine ChemistryWine Microbiology; Wine Cellar and Cellar Technology)


SOIL AND WATER SCIENCE (Preparation, Tillage, Irrigation, Fertilization, Terrain demarcation, Books and CDs)

TRAINING SERVICES (Honeybush Tea ProductionTable Grape Production; Deciduous Fruit Production; Fruit ProcessingBasic Business SkillsBiometry)

PAMPHLET SERIES - A tool for the Deciduous Fruit Industry

PRODUCT PRICELISTS: Book Catalogue, List of Posters & List of Soil Science CDs


​SUMMER GRAINS (Maize & Sorghum) & OIL AND PROTEIEN SEEDS (Cowpeas, Dry Beans, Groundnuts, Soybeans & Sunflower)

FACTSHEETS: Cultivating cowpeas; Cowpea-Important for food and feed, Production guidelines for cowpea; The attributes of cowpea; Groundnut production; Maize production, Sorghum production, Identification and control of soya rust


FIBRE (Cotton, hemp, flax, sisal, kenaf, indigenous fibre crops)

INDUSTRIAL CROPS (Tobacco & Cassava)

RESEARCH FOCUS: (Crop Development, Crop Protection & Crop Science)

TRAINING: Basic literacy for cotton plant protection

BIOSYSTEMATICS - ARACHNIDA (Micro-Imaging System; Spider and Mites Research; National Collection of Arachnida; National Collection of Mites; Identification services; Products; AFRAD; SANSA; Staff/Expertise)

BIOSYSTEMATICS - NEMATODES (Research; National collection of Nematodes; Identification services and products; South Africa National Survey of Plant Parasitic Nematodes; Staff/Expertise)

BIOSYSTEMATICS - INSECTS (Research; National Collection of Insects; Identification services and Training; African Pollinator Initiative - API; Staff/Expertise)

BIOSYSTEMATICS - FUNGI (Research; National collection of Fungi; Diagnostic Services; Staff/Expertise)

INSECT ECOLOGY (Beekeeping; Cereal Stemborers, Diamondback moth, Whiteflies, Insect rearing, Insect quarantine, Locust research, ICOSAMP)

PESTICIDE SCIENCE (Pesticide Analytical Laboratory; Stored Grain and Oil Seed Unit; Unit for Pesticide Science)

PLANT MICROBIOLOGY (Plant pathogenic and plant protecting bacteria; Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Plant Virology; Soil Microbiology Research)

WEEDS RESEARCH (Invasive Alien Plants)

NEWSLETTERS (PPRI, SANSA, SAPIA & Chromolaena odorata Newsletters)

FACTSHEETS (Spiders & Weeds) & TRAINING: Beeswax Candle Making

SPIDER BOOKS & POSTERS & Publication List/Orderform


PRODUCTION SYSTEM (Cultivar adaptation, Crop physiology, Conservation agriculture, Soil and seed laboratory)

CROP IMPROVEMENT (​Wheat breeding, Oats selection, Wheat quality)

CROP PROTECTION (Small grain diseases, Insects on wheat, Weed control in small grains)

GERMPLASM DEVELOPMENT (National Small Grains Collection, Pre-breeding useful wheat germplasm)

PRODUCER INFORMATION (Who do I ask?; Grading regulations for bread wheat; Recent magazine articles; Radio talks; Small Grain Library)

PRODUCTION GUIDELINES FOR 2017 (Winter Rainfall Region Eng/Afr; Summer Rainfall Region Eng/Afr; Smallholder Farmers Eng/Sotho/Xhosa)

MEDIA (News Articles & Radio Talks)

TRAINING: Wheat Production


NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (AgroClimatology; Earth Observation; GeoInformatics; Pedometrics; Soil and Water Science; Soil Health and Remediation; LADA Project​ & Microbiology and Environmental Biotechnology Research Group)

SERVICES: Analytical & Climate Monitoring Services

PRODUCTS: Book Catalogue & Land Type Maps and Memoirs

MEDIA: UMLINDI Newsletters, Newsarticles, Radio talks & Press Releases

MANDATE CROPS (Avocado, banana, citrus, coffee, ginger, granadillas, guavas, herbs, litchi, macadamia nuts, mango, papaya, pecan nuts, exotic crops)

RESEARCH AND DELVELOPMENT (Fruit enhancement and improvementIntegrated control of quarantine pestsNematode controlPapaya breeding; Postharvest physiologyPostharvest technology & Rind pitting)

RESEARCH PROGRAMMES (Plant improvement; Crop protection, Disease management, Soil science, Horticulture & Rural development)


Biometry, Biotechnology Platform, Economics & Smallholder Agricultural Development/Training Services

CROP PROTECTION (Fungal diseases, Insects, Nematodes & Viral diseases)

INDIGENOUS/TRADITIONAL AFRICAN LEAFY VEGETABLES (Water use efficiency; Plant nutrition & Cultivation practices)

IMPROVED NUTRITION (A food-based approach)

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER (Mafulong a Matala Hydroponic Incubator;  Mafulong a Matala Medicinal Plant Incubator;  Improved Nutrition Programme;  Promotion of African leafy vegetables;  Mukondeni Project)

COMMERCIAL VEGETABLES (Production Systems, Hydroponic vegetable production; Sweet potato nurseries for multiplication and distribution of cuttings)

MEDICINAL PLANTS (Propagation, cultivation, agro- processing, analytical studies, biological activity, safety of medicinal plants, medicinal plant genebank.);

PLANT BREEDING (Breeding of indigenous floriculture crops; Breeding and selection of indigenous/traditional African vegetables; Breeding of Potatoes; Breeding of Sweet potatoes; Genebanks;Biotechnology and Agro-processing)

PRODUCTION GUIDELINES (Summer and Winter Vegetables)

LEAFLETS (Pricelist and Orderform)  &   TRAINING SERVICES

SHORT COURSE DATES: Download pdf to view training dates


Proper statistical experimental planning;  Correct data analysis of the results;  Correct interpretation and representation of the results;  Assistance with writing statistical procedures in reports, theses and publications;  Your place in one of our statistical training courses and workshops


Create the high-throughput resources and technologies required for applications in genomics, quantitative genetics, marker assisted breeding and bioinformatics within the agricultural sector.


Analysis of research activity to establish the impact of the ARC's R&D, guide R&D investment and provide critical data to the sector. (ARC Impact Study Series;  Economic Outlook Reports & News articles)


Agricultural Engineering; Agro-Processing; Animal Health & Production; Collective Innovation (ARD); Biometry; Disease & Pest Management; Fruit Production; Grain Crops; Indigenous Teas; Industrial Crops; Livestock; Mushrooms; Soil and Water; Vegetable Production; Accredited Short Programmes &Accredited Qualifications.