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CSA Fruit Trees and Vegetable Crops Module

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1. Which of these gases contribute to the greenhouse effect? *

2. Which of the following agricultural practices are major contributors to climate change? *

3. Which of the following can negatively influence crop production? *

4. Climate  change is only affecting large commercial farmers *
5. Regenerative agriculture practices like minimum or no tillage, crop rotation, and cover cropping increase soil biodiversity and organic matter, leading to more resilient soils that can? *

6. Select the aspects below that can be considered a climate smart agricultural practice? *

7. Which of the following is NOT a farming method that is used to make agriculture sustainable? *

8. Which of the following is an environmental benefit of sustainable agriculture? *

9. All of the following are adaptive strategies to cope with climate change except? *

10. The following human activities produce greenhouse gases except? *

11. Climate Smart Agriculture is based on which of the following principles? *

12. The major reasons for multiple cropping are? *

13. How can trees play a role in mitigating climate change challenges? *

14. Advantages of mulching include which of the following? *

15. What is rainwater harvesting? *

16. What is rainwater harvesting used for? *

17. Mention three rainwater harvesting techniques *

18. Mention four logic steps to follow  in the design of a rainwater harvesting system *

19. Which type of roof is expected to collect the lowest runoff amount? *

20. What material is NOT needed to establish a bag system vegetable garden? *

21. What are the advantages or benefits of the bag system? *
22. Which material/s can be used for mulching? *
23. When collecting grass from veld for mulching, avoid grass with? *
24. Climate smart crop production is an approach for? *
25. What causes climate change? *
26. Climate change effects are reflected by? *
27. Climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in crop production include? *