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CSA Fruit Trees and Vegetable Crops Module

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1. Which of these gases contribute to the greenhouse effect?

1. Carbon dioxide

2. Which of the following agricultural practices are major contributors to climate change?

1. Use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides & fertilizers

3. Which of the following can negatively influence crop production?

A. 1. Extreme events such as floods & drought

4. Climate  change is only affecting large commercial farmers


5. Regenerative agriculture practices like minimum or no tillage, crop rotation, and cover cropping increase soil biodiversity and organic matter, leading to more resilient soils that can?

4. All of the above

6. Select the aspects below that can be considered a climate smart agricultural practice?

1. Intensify use of existing agricultural areas

7. Which of the following is NOT a farming method that is used to make agriculture sustainable?

4. Growing one type of crop

8. Which of the following is an environmental benefit of sustainable agriculture?

2. Soil quality is maintained

9. All of the following are adaptive strategies to cope with climate change except?

1. Increase use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides

10. The following human activities produce greenhouse gases except?

2. Animal agriculture

11. Climate Smart Agriculture is based on which of the following principles?

1. Mitigation – reducing greenhouse gas emissions

12. The major reasons for multiple cropping are?

3. To maintain long term sustainability

13. How can trees play a role in mitigating climate change challenges?

1. Release oxygen into the atmosphere

14. Advantages of mulching include which of the following?

3. Encourages favourable soil microbial activity

15. What is rainwater harvesting?

C. Collection and concentration of runoff from rainwater

16. What is rainwater harvesting used for?

D. All options

17. Mention three rainwater harvesting techniques

B. Tied ridging, In-field rainwater harvesting&Small pits

18. Mention four logic steps to follow  in the design of a rainwater harvesting system

A. Deep cultivation, Construction of the rainwater harvesting technique,Compaction of the catchment area&Planting

19. Which type of roof is expected to collect the lowest runoff amount?

D. Galvanised iron sheets

20. What material is NOT needed to establish a bag system vegetable garden?

A. Open area (a soil surface, a gravelled surface, concrete paving’s, or slabs)

21. What are the advantages or benefits of the bag system?

E. All options

22. Which material/s can be used for mulching?

E. All options

23. When collecting grass from veld for mulching, avoid grass with?

C. Seeds

24. Climate smart crop production is an approach for?

D. Adaptation and mitigation of climate change effects

25. What causes climate change?

A. Human activity that alters the natural environment

26. Climate change effects are reflected by?

E. All options

27. Climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in crop production include?

E. All options
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