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OVR Customer Survey 2021

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1. Please rate the availability of staff at the Diagnostic Registration office during your last visit or telephone call.


Kindly give reason for your choice in Question 1


2. Please rate the turnaround time of test reports in accordance with the time frame as indicated in the Diagnostic Price list?


Kindly explain your choice in Question 2. Provide specific lab and/or job number


3. Please rate the level of satisfaction on the response of your last call and/or email to us


Kindly comment on your choice in Question 3 and give us details of the lab involved or job number you are referring to in order to improve in future.


4. Please rate the clarity of test reports


Please explain your rating in Question 4


5. How was your experience regarding the competency of staff who advised and informed you on general and technical questions


Comment on your choice in Question 5


6. Rate the adequateness of addressing and resolving queries and complaints


Explain your choice of rating on resolving complaints/queries


7 Rate the importance of the accreditation status of the laboratory to your business


Kindly explain your choice in Question 7


8. Compared to our competitors, is our service better, worse, or about the same


Please explain your choice in Question 8


9. Compared to our competitors, are our prices more reasonable, less reasonable, or about the same.


Kindly comment on your rating in Question 9


Contact detail (optional)

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