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Women in Agricultural Science.pdf
10/11/2021 9:29 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Okra – good for the body and great for the bottom line.pdf
10/11/2021 9:14 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Indigenous traditional vegetables can contribute to food security.pdf
10/11/2021 9:08 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Amaranth as superfood.pdf
10/11/2021 9:06 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Traditional and Economical Use of Bambara groundnut.pdf
10/11/2021 8:08 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Increasing small-scale farming impact.pdf
10/11/2021 8:07 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
A career in agrometeorology.pdf
10/11/2021 7:57 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
The establishment of a knowledge hub for contaminants of emerging concern.pdf
10/11/2021 7:56 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Climate-related hazards - How smallholders can mitigate its consequences.pdf
10/11/2021 7:24 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Team members highlighted during Women’s Month.pdf
10/5/2021 10:10 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
A natural approach to healthier crops.pdf
10/4/2021 9:21 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
The three faces of packaging material.pdf
10/4/2021 9:15 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Nematodes - a semi-commercial farmer's microscopic enemy.pdf
9/6/2021 8:14 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
2020 Wheat cultivar evaluation under irrigation - New cultivar added to recommendations.pdf
9/1/2021 12:55 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Dung beetles are indicators of biodiversity.pdf
9/1/2021 12:47 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Quality hybrids yield high oil content.pdf
9/1/2021 12:02 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Detection of Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus.pdf
8/31/2021 9:35 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
The Cereal Bin.pdf
8/30/2021 9:19 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Saving fuel with correct mechanisation practices.pdf
8/30/2021 9:15 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Management of important grain diseases.pdf
8/16/2021 9:11 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
The wheat blast disease threat.pdf
8/16/2021 8:40 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Rapid and accurate detection of barley net blotch in South Africa.pdf
8/11/2021 8:29 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Solar steam distillation technology in SA indigenous oils extraction.pdf
7/29/2021 2:28 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
The value of  South African Natural Science Collections, Showcase No 1 - July 2021.pdf
7/22/2021 3:20 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Identifying losses in smallholder farming.pdf
7/22/2021 2:52 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Maize stalk rots - Unseen yield assassins.pdf
7/22/2021 2:50 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Better results with legumes in rotation with maize.pdf
7/22/2021 2:49 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Phinda Button Spiders.pdf
7/22/2021 1:39 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
African maize stalk borers - Where do they overwinter.pdf
6/2/2021 4:55 PMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
Target-site herbicide resistance in barley - a three-year summary.pdf
5/13/2021 10:54 AMMarlyn MJJ. Cant
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